What we offer:

Combined experience of more than 69 years in the development, roll out and implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Programs

Risk assessments

Risk assessment process is of vital importance for any business to ensure that all hazards and associated risks are identified, and to implement appropriate controls to manage the risk and new or revised controls remaining after controls has been implemented when desired results have not been achieved.

Most companies implement systems which are too mature for their company with the result that the employees who are exposed to the risks do not understand the process which could result in the following:

  • Information not recorded at all
  • Information not recorded correctly
  • Incorrect analysis of information cannot be made
  • Effectiveness of controls cannot be evaluated
  • Corrective action could be taken against the issues that are not critical

We therefore supply the following services to ensure your company know and understand the hazards and associated risks

  • Development of critical task inventory
  • Baseline
  • Continuous
  • Management of change
  • Issue Based
  • Critical control management of risk